Advantage of Using a Recruitment Agency

Published: 16th April 2010
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Recruitment agencies are popping up all over the world these days are beneficial in many ways. Recruitment agencies have a talent for finding the right people to fill very specific job vacancies. The benefits to using a recruitment agency can be great, as compared to a company trying to find, hire and train their own personnel. Not only does a recruitment agency already have a database of people with the proper job requirements, but they are just waiting for a chance to fulfill a position immediately.

Recruitment agencies have the ability to evaluate a company's position in their particular market industry. By doing so, the agency can recommend the company's best course of action with regards to whether new job positions should be created and which programs would work best for the maintenance and prosperity of the company as a whole. These tactics can create a better workplace morale, greater sales and overall company stability within their particular industry.

Probably the greatest benefit to using a recruitment agency is the ability to pick a "ready-made" candidate from the agency's large database of candidates seeking employment in specific areas. Not only are the candidates ready for work but they have also gone through rigorous testing and skills training and placement procedures and in most cases, the candidates have acquired rigorous educational training specific to certain areas of a variety of industries.

The type of recruitment agency a company would use would depend on exactly what the company is looking for in an employee. The benefit here is most recruitment agencies already offer many candidates who have the specific skill sets needed for the position the company is looking to fill. For example, a company looking for an engineer with the ability to weld, fabricate, fix and design electrical components as well as have experience operating large machinery could pick form a list of qualified candidates with skills specific to those qualifications. The recruitment agency would not allow someone with only IT skills to apply for this position.

When a company offers a vacancy they need filled, many times they will interview hundreds of people only to hire none of them. The company spends precious time and money on the advertisements, and on people who have no qualifications for the position offered. Using a recruitment agency can put a stop to this because the agency will only offer the company potential candidates who have been certified as qualified for the position they are applying. Whereas a company may have had to hire at least two to three prospective long term employees to find the exact right one, by using a recruitment agency, the company is almost guaranteed the person they interview and hire will be with them for a long time.

The cost savings in regards to company with little or no employee turnaround are huge. When a company is in a position of looking to hire new employees, not only is it cost efficient to use a recruitment agency, but it can save the company much in the way of frustration as well.

Chris Tyrrell writes for Precision Recruitment who specialise in technical, engineering and sales recruitment in the East Midlands. Recruitment Agency Leicester

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