Kitchen Appliance Placement Advice

Published: 22nd March 2010
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It is very easy to become 'institutionalised' around kitchen appliance placement and to put them where everybody else does - but with a little more creative thinking you can redesign your kitchen to be right for you, rather than the masses, and here's how.

It is all too easy to simply place you luxury kitchen appliances where they have always stood but with a little extra knowledge you can move beyond predictable placement without going massively over your kitchen budget.

Stainless steel is the obvious choice but instead think about a dramatic color change and ask for appliance swatches to match your gadgets to your kitchen cabinets Think about a sculpted kitchen extractor too, rather than a simple pull out wooden-cladded design, as this can create a real showpiece.

Kitchen Appliances Placement Advice

• Why should a dishwasher have to sit at floor height? Why not elevate it to a mid-height location around 60-70 inches off the floor and then house your microwave above it. You will find these placements suit the usage of the appliances more than by simply having them in their normal positions, lower to the ground.

• Place built-in ovens side by side rather than one above the other, at the right height so you can see easily into them both.

• Well designed 'statement' extractor hoods from the like of elica are becoming very fashionable and think about the design of your extractor before plumping for one that simply 'does the job'.

• Think about housing your small kitchen appliances in a mid height kitchen cabinet that sits around 40 inches off the floor, as this will make it easier to get at them - and that means you will use them more:)

• Don't just plump for a floor standing refrigerator. Why not consider using drawer-style fridge units that look like kitchen draws. They are easier to use and take up less space.

• Place a small food preparation sink within your kitchen island as you will find most of your food prep will be done from there and it saves making a mess all over your kitchen.

• Look at housing a foldable lcd TV under one of your wall cabinets so it can be folded into view whenever it is needed but will not take up valuable space. Think too about turning it into a multi-media centre or a kitchen PC, allowing you to go online, watch movies, listen to the radio or the TV from one unit.

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