The Different Types of New Fitted Kitchens

Published: 10th January 2012
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Just ask any real estate agent, and he or she will tell you that the kitchen is the most important room in the home when it comes time to get an appraisal and sell. Then any contractor can also tell you that the kitchen is by far the most expensive room in your home to remodel. So these two facts combined add up to only one thing, that is that you must “get it right” when you set out to redo your kitchen, and it all begins with selecting a design style.

A design style can accomplish any number or combination of things in a home. For instance in an older home where you may be looking for something to bring a modern effect into it, the contemporary kitchen design style can to do just that. Or moving in the other direction, if you have a newer home and would like to add some antique character to it, a classic kitchen design style is a great way to accomplish that as well.

The “Country style” design motif is also sometimes referred to as colonial or early American. Think of it as what you might expect if you were to walk into the kitchen on a well designed modern working farm. For instance one typical feature of the country style design is pot racks with hanging copper cookware, and wide open shelves. This design motif is also noted for its wood counter tops, and cabinetry which typically features cabinet doors that are framed with raised panels.

Now “modern contemporary” is just that. It's what product developers and designers have to offer in terms of what is the very latest, so it does go through changes about every 10 years. Not a complete change though. Instead you can think of it as minor adjustments that tend to add up to bigger changes though as the decades move along and all you have to do is look at home design magazines from the 70s to see that.

So today the smooth shiny look is in, and it comes in the form of polished stone counter-tops such as black marble, and impressive stainless steel restaurant style appliances. In fact the restaurant affect in today's modern contemporary kitchen is starting to go beyond just appearances because you can now even include actual commercial appliances like a convection oven into your design scheme.

Another new adjustment or change to the modern contemporary design scheme is incredibly realistic looking high-tech cultured stone counter-top materials.

The “Shaker” kitchen Design style continues to be very popular, and when you consider that the most notable aspect of this design motif is it's plain no-nonsense features you have to ask yourself why this is so. You can find the answer to that when you actually see it because plain definitely does not mean dull or low quality when it comes to design features and craftsmanship. You see, what the Shakers lacked in trendiness they more than made up for by being sticklers for true quality and functionality in everything that they created. Look for aspects like glass panelled doors on cabinets, solid panelling and wainscoting along walls, and durable quality counter-top materials like hardwoods and polished granite.

Also while black is typically the preferred colour for a granite counter-top in the modern contemporary kitchen, the shaker look is just as typically a lighter gray colour polished granite.

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