The UK Fashion Jewellery Market

Published: 03rd August 2010
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The fashion jewellery market in the United Kingdom is explainable in just one word; exceptional. Fashion jewellery is found on almost every piece of clothing, every accessory and anything else a person can wear. Fashion jewellery is not simply a piece of jewellery anymore; it is a statement of who a person is and what they are about.


Wholesalers of fashion jewellery in the UK have a tendency to import various types of jewellery in numerous colours from many countries and then sell the jewellery to other businesses at a higher price. When the businesses purchasing the fashion jewellery sold at wholesale, it makes buying jewellery in massive quantities an attractive bargain because they are most likely going to save money on shipping and other fees typically paid when purchasing in smaller quantities. Additionally, while the companies purchasing jewellery at a price slightly over cost, when they sell it, they do so for a substantial mark-up at retail.

Types Available

Fashion jewellery comes in an assortment of sizes, shapes, colours and piece types including:

• Bracelets

• Rings

• Broaches

• Earrings

• Necklaces

• Pins

• Anklets

These are just an example of the wide variety of fashion jewellery available from wholesalers and retailers everywhere. Numerous variations on the typical designs are also available and quite popular as well. However, the popularity of a particular piece usually depends on the current fashion trends and the season the pieces are purchased.

Current Fashion Jewellery Trends

For example, currently in the summer months of 2010, slim metallic bracelets are quite popular pieces of fashion jewellery, especially when worn in numerous quantities on both wrists, much like bangles are worn. Additionally, these fashion bracelets are in more of a demand when the metallic come in a variety of neon colours such as neon green or neon pink.

Another thing to keep in mind, fashion jewellery is made even more popular if a celebrity has worn a similar piece. For example, the dangling earrings worn by Beyoncé are very much in demand in various colours and sell out almost the minute the retailers order them in.

Upcoming trends in fashion jewellery include pieces that are larger than they typically have been. The "minimalist" look is gone along with the smaller cubic zirconia and other types of stud earrings and bands on the fingers. People now want pieces that are three to four times the size, just as the bangle bracelets and larger hoop earrings are. Additionally, metallic coloured jewellery in gold and silver typically remain popular throughout the year, no matter in which market one lives.

The trends for fall 2010 include modern, contemporary and vintage pieces. For example, big faux pearl necklaces and dangling chain jewellery will become a big hit this coming season. Any fashion jewellery that looks more than 50 years old with the design is sure to make a big hit in the stores. Selling fashion jewellery is a great business for anyone who has a knack for fashion. Knowing the trends and making the fashion jewellery popular and appealing is what the business is all about.

Chris Tyrrell writes for Inca UK who are one of the largest wholesalers of fashion jewellery and hair accessories to the UK market. Wholesale fashion jewellery

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