Two Little Dogs to Love The Pug or Pomeranian

Published: 04th June 2010
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When two breeds are in the same group, one usually expects them to be quite similar. The Pug and the Pomeranian defy this logic. Both breeds are in the Toy Group and they couldn't be more different. The Pug originated from the East, the Pomeranian is of Germanic heritage. The Pug is very old, bred originally during the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046BC). He first came to the U.S. in the nineteenth century where he might have met another immigrant, the Pom. They do, however, share a common trait in that they were bred for companionship rather than to work. They are also of a similar size being about 10 inches tall but weigh in differently with the Pomeranian around five pounds and the Pug around 15 pounds.

Pugs and Poms look very different. The Pug is a stocky, short-haired dog with slightly bulging eyes and a snout pushed in like a Bull Dog's. He is reminiscent of a miniature line backer. The Pom is fox-like with long, straight fur, small, erect ears and a pronounced neck ruff. He looks fancy and he is slightly vain. But the real difference shows in these breeds' personalities. While the Pug is laid back and has a low activity level,. the Pom is more intense and, despite his size, makes a good guard dog. Owners of both breeds find that they're loving dogs but the Pom can be known to aggressive toward children. Mainly, he wants to be left alone to be brushed and admired by his owner. The Pug has limitations because his snout is pushed in. He tends to snore and cannot go on long walks, especially in the heat. The adorable wrinkles on his forehead must be cleaned but this is nominal compared to the constant grooming a Pom needs, in part because he has a double coat. But the Pom helps out himself, grooming himself like a cat and having a clean demeanor.

Both dogs make excellent companions, though the Pom needs a quiet household, and are good in apartments. While the Pug prefers his feet on the ground, many Poms seem to enjoy transportation via a shoulder dog carrier. They are popular breeds in the U.S. Pugs starred in the movies "Men in Black" and "The Adventures of Milo and Otis" and Poms can be seen all over Hollywood with owners such as Paris Hilton. They have also made history - a Pom survived the Titanic and a Pug, named Mops was owned by Marie Antoinette. The Pug is well-known for his affection for children but the Pomeranian, may do best in adult-only households. Despite any limitations, they can be loving members of the family and it's so nice to have a choice between two such companionable dogs - a Pug for the Hippie and a Pom for the Type A Exec.

Written by Brian Phillips - Born in Boston and a big fan and owner of a Pug, Misty for the past 11 years. When Brian is not freelancing for online blogs and magazines he can be found at the local dog park frolicking around with Misty his Pug.

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